Who should use OnGuard LoneSafety?

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Strict regulations exist to protect lone workers, workers in isolation and/or dangerous environments. And for good reason, effective emergency response to workplace incidents can make the difference between short-term recovery, permanent disability and even fatalities. Working in isolation is common across multiple industries, and when work duties call lone workers away from their colleagues, lives are at risk if an incident occurs. By deploying an advanced lone worker monitoring solution, operators often meet or exceed regional legislation and can optimize their communication and operational processes especially when paired with an intrinsically safe, ruggedized Sonim phone or an Xplore tablet.

What is the definition of a Lone Worker?

A lone worker is generally described as an individual working without close or direct supervision, that does not have visual or audible contact with another who can provide or call for assistance in the event of an emergency, injury or illness. An employer must, provide an effective communication system consisting of (a) radio communication, landline, cellular telephone or satellite communication, that includes regular contact by the employer or designate at intervals appropriate to the nature of the hazard.